The Cast

Main Characters

J-----J is, of course, me, the main character.

Secret-----Secret is my hidden, more thoughtful self

Prominence-----She is the outgoing side seen by most everyone.

Hope-----Is usually missing, but appears sometimes.

Supporting Characters

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R, the Life Floater

KP, the Oniisan




JG, the Seeker

RP, the Roommate

The Math God

The mother-being

The father-being

The Demon

Aunt C

Cousin J

Cousin D

Cousin A

Fiancee F

B,the Boss

AC, the Coworker

Supporting Characters
(That have faded into the backgroud.....)

MS, the Playmate

MF, the Amuser

LL, the Nice Guy

JH, the Romeo

Little Sister

G, the Puzzler

D, the Sweetheart

A, the Deviate

P, the Phantom

P, the Conqueror

JD, The Musician

LLJ, the Cartoonist

AJ, the Former Suitemate

......More will be added as the show continues......

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